Inspired by hodge-podge colorful informality of Brazilian shanty towns, designer Christian Vivanco has create a strange work-and-storage unit that defies typologies and flies in the face of conventional design logic. But does it really mimic the impromptu nature of its source of inspiration?


The mix of materials – OSB, bamboo, polycarbonate and more – also reflects the souce of the idea: buildings cobbled together from whatever is at hand, inspired by need and eclectic in nature.


Loosely speaking, each of the elements in this storage unit are patterned after a space in the home – a rough wood drawer for outdoorsy projects, a clear blue box for the kitchen and so on.


The only real question left is: can one replicate the kind of spontaneity found in society’s strange corners – such as shanty towns – or, in the end, does our individuality make the real replication of such processes impossible?