Vincent Kartheiser of “Mad Men” fame has his choice of opulent living arrangements, but instead the celebrity chooses to live in a 580 square foot cabin that is, in a word, stunning.

stone and wood elements

The cabin was designed by Funn Roberts to reflect a “Japanese industrial” aesthetic. It does this with plenty of clean lines, no-nonsense placements, and exposed architectural elements.

vincent kartheiser small cabin

Storage is hidden everywhere that storage could possibly be hidden, including in the bedroom. The bed is suspended and pushes up above head level when not in use. 300 pound weights hold it up until it’s needed again.

suspended bed

You might expect such a small space to feel cramped or cluttered, but the interior of Kartheiser’s cabin is surprisingly luxurious despite the lack of space. It brings to mind the question of just how much space we really need to live a happy, healthy, productive life.

private courtyard

A gorgeous private outdoor courtyard provides more space to sit and relax, including a fire pit and some truly impressive plant life.

back door hanging garden

The cabin even includes a dry sauna, a luxury that most cabins certainly can’t boast. Despite these few luxuries, the small cabin is impressive in its intelligent and creative use of space.