Wellness has become remarkably trendy over the past few years, and it seems to be the one craze that we’ll never get sick of. Superfood smoothies and mental health days? Count everyone in. Still, you might want to hold off on that $16 acai bowl and start saving up for THE WELL, New York City’s latest luxury wellness club.

THE WELL’s official website bills the center as “your complete ecosystem for wellness,” in which “your health is integrated, proactive, and personalized, leading to a more balanced you.” The company behind THE WELL uses the science of Western medicine and the wisdom of Eastern healers to foster holistic healing both physically and mentally. The facilities include a Meditation Dome, spa, private training gym, co-ed sauna, Movement Studio, Reflexology Lounge, library, organic restaurant, and annex for private parties. Not only does the club provide physical treatments like acupuncture and yoga, but it also offers several health education options, including sessions with personal trainers and weekly curated fitness programming. The intention is to help provide necessary services while also empowering members to take wellness into their own hands.

The club was designed by Rose Ink Workshop, a creative agency that mainly works in interior design. The company’s goal is to “place extra emphasis on crafting unique branded experiences … that make people smile.” THE WELL mixes luxury and simplicity to create a completely serene aesthetic. The motifs are apparent all throughout: light open spaces, neutral tones, lush greenery, and natural wooden fixtures. The design was specially planned to help members appreciate the design of human body and feel at one with all living things.

The Reflexology Lounge, for example, has white washed walls decorated with off-white macrame. The room also boasts gray and beige lounge chairs, gray side tables, and similarly neutral-toned blankets and baskets. The only pop of color here comes from racks of lush green plants. The wellness center’s Mindful Movement Studio is painted in the same stroke, with soft white walls and gentle lighting present all throughout. This space is mainly open and features a full-size mirrored wall.

The other areas of the club keep the same aesthetic but include elements designed to boost their unique intentions. The Meditation Dome has plush carpeting and a table filled with tall off-white candles, while the gym features color-coordinated weight-training machines and rope light fixtures made to complement an actual climbing rope. Rose Ink clearly put a lot of thought into designing interiors that not only accompanied THE WELL’s experiences, but enhanced them, too.

As great as all these spaces may be, the library is by far the most colorful room in the wellness center. The walls are of course white, but they’ve been paired with a teal carpet and a blush pink couch. This room is also decorated with colorful accent pillows and centerpieces, while the shelves on its walls are adorned with artworks in varying shades of yellow, pink, and orange. In here, members receive educational programming from doctors, teachers, and authors.

General membership for THE WELL costs a hefty $375 a month, but the price is cut to $210 if you’re under 32. While that price tag might still make you wince, it will certainly hurt a lot less with a face mask on and a tasty green juice in your hand.