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No more vying for the best parking spot in the lot with this incredible car desk. While the prospect of turning a vehicle into a work desk seems like it must be incredibly expensive these desks are sold for under $5000. Yes, that is still a good deal of money but considering other high-end desks that are not composed of cars it could be worse.


When they would be useful is another question, but the car desks come complete with working hazard lights, headlights, horn and spotlight as well as a stereo set into the dashboard and a choice of tire and steering wheel colors and types. Each piece is, unsurprisingly, a made-on-demand custom job.


Buyers have their choice of leather, wood, metal or colored vinyl for the top of the desk and the car itself can be recolored to suit the space the finished product is intended to sit in. To finish it off, the “driver” of the new desk can pick their own custom license plate. All in all there is a lot of custom work that goes into these one-of-a-kind car desk designs that seem, were one able to afford it, to justify the high per-item price.