If you’re hoping to bulk up your winter wardrobe, look no further: Lululemon’s Inner Expanse Infinity Coat has arrived. No, it can’t actually transform into an infinite amount of jackets, but thanks to its removable features it is incredibly versatile, and it would make for a huge asset in just about anybody’s closet.

At first glance, the Inner Expanse Infinity Coat is an ankle-length puffer jacket with a trench coat on top. From there, it separates down to three core pieces: a vest, a puffer jacket, and a trench coat, each of which you can wear in a variety of ways.

The jacket is so adaptable because it’s been well equipped with strategically-placed buttons and zippers. These elements allow you to transform it by simply adding or subtracting parts depending on the temperature or your mood. The hood and neck piece are also detachable, and you can zip the sleeves off and on to your liking. If you want to show off the puffer underneath, the trench coat can be backless. If you want the full coat, no problem. The beauty of the Inner Expanse Infinity Coat is that you can pretty much turn it into anything you want.

The coat is made out of wind-proof, water-repellent fabric and comes in two different color options. The first is a classic and subdued combination of black and true navy. The second is much more daring. Dubbed “Marvel,” “Honeycomb,” and “Candy Pink,” this jacket celebrates color with hues of vivid magenta, soft pink, and rich yellow. The puffer jacket is also reversible, with a different color on each side. Both color combinations offer adjustable and reflective cords, thumb holes in the sleeves, snap pockets, and side zippers for better mobility. One last cool feature: when you’re done wearing it, you can take it off and neatly tuck it into a pouch that’s actually inside one of its own pockets. Not much outerwear comes with that kind of built-in storage!

The Inner Expanse Infinity Coat is part of a larger collaboration between designer Roksanda Ilinčić and Lululemon. Ilinčić is a London-based fashion designer with a very successful self-titled brand. She studied architecture as an undergraduate and went on to receive her masters in womenswear. As a designer, she aims to make her clothing experimental but still comfortable and wearable.

The collaboration combines Roksanda’s “bold and feminine aesthetic” with Lululemon’s “technical innovation” to create fashion that is unique, unexpected, and functional. The jacket is one piece of a 16-item collection available on Lululemon’s website right now. The collection includes a duffle bag, sports bra, running shorts, and other assorted athletic wear. Some of the most uncommon pieces include water-repellent trousers and a “Technical Satin” skirt, both meant to be worn over your workout gear. The whole collection shares the same color palate and striking utilitarian style.

Buying this coat may alleviate the need to buy other jackets, but it will also do serious damage to your wallet. The coat retails for a whopping $998, but hey, high-fashion comes at a price, right?