Tim Baker hobbit cat house

Tim Baker is a talented artist who creates incredibly realistic props and special effects makeup. For the second episode of his new web series, Super-Fan Builds, Baker and his team made one Tolkien fan a very happy guy by creating a hobbit hole litter box and Eye of Sauron scratching post.

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Lord of the Rings Themed Cat House Scratcher

The litter box is a pretty realistic re-creation of Bag End, Bilbo’s hobbit house in the Shire. The team even included a little path-like ramp up to the perfectly round doorway. A cute little chimney, moss, and a realistic tree adorn the top of the mound.

Tim Baker hobbit house detail

“I must say, I have to be one of the luckiest and happiest Tolkien fans there can be,” said the lucky recipient of this incredible creation. He’s probably right about that, at least when it comes to cat-related items.

The Eye of Sauron scratching post features over 650 feet of rope. Parts of it are covered in some very complex rope coils to entice the super-fan’s kitties, Frodo and Sam, to scratch away to their hearts’ content. And in what the Dark Lord would no doubt find unforgivably repulsive, they filled a fabric Eye of Sauron with catnip to top off the tower. Hats off to Baker and crew for an impressive and intensely geeky build.

Eye of Sauron detail
Cat using hobbit house

Baker crafts all kinds of incredibly cool things, so you should definitely check out his entire portfolio at DeviantArt. Also, you’re going to want to take a look at the whole Super-Fan Builds YouTube channel.

Tim Baker working on project

“I’m a Sculptor/Special Effects/Specialty props Artist working in Film and TV
My shop is at Oxnard and Nobel in Van Nuys and I live in LA a few miles away. I have 20 years experience in the film biz, it’s been a great ride so far.”

“If you can dream it, we can build it. There’s nothing my crew and I can’t make at Tim Baker Creations.”