Portable hotel suite for luxury travel
Portable hotel suite for luxury travel

This modern prefab dwelling is meant to be adaptable to whatever location you decide to holiday in. Project Green Zero from Studio di Architettura Daniele Menichini was designed for the hospitality industry as a kind of green alternative to large hotels. Instead of staying in a high-end hotel merely for the experience of a well-appointed suite, those interested in luxury travel can book a standalone unit with all the comforts they desire. And it’s sustainable, to boot.

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Portable hotel suite for luxury travel solar

Atop the solid stone base, a shell of sustainable material houses only the basics: a bedroom and bathroom, along with a bit of storage space for your holiday gear. The suite is a stylish refuge and easily adaptable to the cabin’s location.

Portable hotel suite for luxury travel night

A series of metal poles “ties” the oversize eave to the stone base on the porch, creating a slightly-protected area from which to sit and enjoy the surroundings. Some of the poles actually support the eave, two others are functional rainwater management downspouts, and the remaining are merely ornamental.

Portable hotel suite for luxury travel bed
Portable hotel suite for luxury travel interior

The concept was designed to be modular in nature, meaning that one unit standing alone does not have to be the standard. Two or more cabins can be grouped together to form a chateau perfect for an eco-friendly weekend getaway.

Portable hotel suite for luxury travel bathroom

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“A new form of accommodation which guests can perceive as an educational game where grasping the opportunity to discover the very secret elements of green living, without giving up on the comfort and the emotional side of a holiday. An experience which makes guests appreciate how all the aspects of sustainable building maximize the exploitation of the environment energies and resources.”

Portable hotel suite for luxury travel side view

“The project’s objective is giving rise to a new hotel accommodation system that is tightly interwoven with its environment and leads to the quality improvement of the global tourism offer through the combination of different modular solutions, from bungalows with bathroom to two-room apartments. GREEN_ZERO represents the result of the co-operation of companies sharing the same green DNA, which is indeed the real value added at the basis of the development and implementation of the whole concept.”