Literal love seat Hug by Ilian Milinov

A literal love seat for snuggling, or a somewhat creepy seating arrangement to make guests feel extra uncomfortable? This award-winning design wraps a primary person at a normal height, but its back swoops around to form a secondary mini-seat (or side-table space, or arm rest, etc…) along one side as well.

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Literal love seat Hug by Ilian Milinov solo

A winner of the RedDot Industrial Design Competition by Ilian Milinov, it remains just a 3D computer drawing – no one has boldly stepped up to produce these cozy curiosities in real life (yet).

Literal love seat Hug by Ilian Milinov couples

The neatest part, perhaps, is the sheer versatility – it actually looks rather relaxing, at least for leaning or working on your left side, but one would imagine two versions should be produced for those of us not quite so ambidextrous. Used in solo mode, it’s easy to imagine how this design could actually be quite cozy, especially when working with a laptop. As for using it as a dual seater – well, you’d better be pretty darn comfortable with the other person.

Literal love seat Hug by Ilian Milinov laptop

About Ilian Milinov

“Born in 1971 Pleven, Bulgaria. Milinov graduated Interior and Furniture Design at the University of Forestry, Sofia in 1996. In the late 90’s he was a Head Designer at Interservice Uzunov Jsc. He worked on projects like showroom and exhibition design. In 2000 he joined ORT Jsc. as an In-house Designer. In 2002 he became author of Seattable which won – Top Ten and Chair of the Year award at Promosedia, Italy. Seattable also earned Best of Neocon 2004/ Most Innovative, Chicago and Grand Prize Winner / Buildings Innovations Awards, Chicago. In 2003 it was featured in md Design Yearbook.The folding Seattable was nominated in 100% Folding Chairs at 100% Design London. He planned the company’s exhibitions in Koln, Milan and Chicago. In 2008 he founded Ilian Milinov Studio . Milinov is Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists and jury of several design competitions.”