sofa made of stuffed animals

Who needs microfiber, fabric or leather when you can lounge on luxurious new-stuffed-animal fur sofa, relax on a freshly-watered grass-covered recliner or nap on a sleeper made from converted old vintage car parts (with a slipcover of course)? Here they are thirteen of the most strange, unusual and unique sectional, sofa and couch designs you have ever seen.

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nature themed couch design

Naturally Amazing Sofas: & Sectionals: Some nature-inspired design ideas work out better than others. While a cactus couch might not sound very comfortable a glass-lined equivalent looks quite inviting and a mountain-landscape sectional sofa seems like a peaceful place to rest as long as it feels a bit softer than it first appears.

fun kitschy couches

Crazy & Kitschy Couches: Recycling is a great idea and many fine furniture pieces are made out of scrap material, but do you really want to sit back against a bed of old Apple computers or lounge on a bumpy LEGO-like surface? These behind-kissing beach chairs look far more comfy from a physical standpoint but might make you blush, and it would be nearly impossible not to laugh at someone sitting inside a miniature retro remake of the classic Roman Colosseum.

sofas made of vintage cars

Sleek & Stylish Vintage Car Sofas: Wow, what a radical pair of renovated furniture rides – who would not want to sit between the bumpers of a beautiful old vehicle or rest their arms on the slick tail fins of a classic car? This is not, however, what most people mean if the mention a ‘convertible couch’ to you – something to keep in mind.

sofas ultramodern strange

Uncomfortably Ultramodern & Cool Contemporary Couches: So if simple black, white and metal modern material and contemporary style is what you are looking for – but something still a little strange, unusual or unique – one of these might be the right fit for your living room – a glass-stairs sofa, curved-metal couch or perhaps a comfortable seat with two light-fixture eyes hovering overhead to help you read. (Designs via INewIdea & NowThatsNifty)