Lay back, relax and maybe catch a nap – with eight of your closest friends – in the adult equivalent of a children’s fort.  The Koala 45 by Belgian design group Stal Collectief is an oversized hammock that provides an open-air relaxation and hangout space on brightly-colored fabric stretched across a wooden frame.

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oversized hammock furniture

Held together with twelve bolts, the Koala 45 elevates a comfy lounging surface about four feet above the ground. The canopy includes an open area enabling pendant lights to be dropped inside. Pictured is Stal Collectief’s Zwol pendant, a modern twist on the industrial caged trouble light, and Mich Stool.

“Zwol is a pendant lamp which is based on a standard trouble lamp. The body of Zwol is made out of ‘acrylic one,’ it’s made by hand in as silicone mold. The body is finished off and partially protected by a laser cut, birch plywood cage.”

“Mich stool by ‘STAL Collectief’ is a piece of flat pack furniture. The shape is based on a traditional milking stool. This stool consists of 4 separate parts, that are laser cut out of birch plywood. Each part is treated with colorless oil, which fixates the burned laser-residue on the side of each part. Legs, seat and a finishing felt-sheet are ‘sewn’ together. At the base of the stool the legs are slightly spread to create a more elegant form, also adding more stability.”

Napping on oversized hammock

A private residence would certainly require an oversized living room to match the proportions of this highly unusual bed, but it would fit right into many modern office environments. It’s easy to imagine the Koala 45 hammock nestled into a corner of Google’s headquarters, for example, offering a place for employees to refresh themselves and do some creative thinking.

oversized hammock in a room

“An oversized hammock offering you an unusual meeting place. This wooden structure, held together by 12 bolts, can carry up to 8 persons. It’s the perfect place for open-air conversations and relaxing.”

“Stal Collective is a collaboration between four young furniture designers who studied in Mechelen: Len de Paepe, Bob Segers, Tim Vranken and Jonas Blondeel. This collective, which occurred through common interest and friendship, wants to create timeless and honest pieces of furniture and lighting objects. New ideas are conceived, prototyped and sometimes even developed under one roof.”