Portable furniture and transforming furniture both have their places in the design world – but put them together and it’s entirely possible that you’ll see something magical. The Lougebarrow from designers Sascha Urban and Dorothea Wirwall is a nearly perfect marriage of portability and transformability.

The Loungebarrow starts out looking like a regular wheelbarrow, other than the fact that its top is covered with a segmented piece of wood. Lift up the wood pieces and you’ll discover an upholstered headrest, a soft seat and laptop desk. Tilt the wheelbarrow down so that it rests on its handles and you can see a chair begin to take shape.

The padded backrest, seat, and headrest all make this garden tool look strangely elegant and stylish. And quite unlike taking a ride around the garden in a real wheelbarrow, sitting in this one is infinitely more comfortable.
(via: designboom)