Louis Poulsen Lighting Design

Danish lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen has an impressive history, a strong international presence, and a great stable of designers for both interior and exterior lighting solutions. These fabulous pendant lights seamlessly blend into the grandeur of this old building, yet they add contemporary elegance and a ‘wow’ factor.

Louis Poulsen, Vejen

Louis Poulsen’s lighting philosophy, formed in collaboration with globally renowned lighting designer Poul Henningsen (PH) – designer of the iconic ‘artichoke’ pendant light –  in the early 20th century, is characterized by the letters FSA – representing ‘function,’ ‘comfort’ and ‘ambience.’  Effective and striking lighting products are created with an emphasis on functionality together with individual well-being. Simplicity is the key: “all elements must serve a light-related purpose.” Both old and new architecture is enhanced with targeted lighting design.

Kragerø Hagemiljø The LP Nest

The LP Nest – symmetrical, ambient light.

The ‘LP Nest ‘exterior lightiing emits a soft light – the latticework inherent in the design creates a play of light with myriad reflections. They are effective on a large scale – or on a smaller scale

Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy LP Nest Lighting

LP Nest Lighting at the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy.

Louis Poulsen outdoor lights

Louis Poulsen outdoor lighting.

With an unmistakable PH feel, these outdoor lights are like mini-lighthouses, sculpted, bright and beautiful.




PH Artichoke Lamp

The iconic Poul Henningsen (PH) ‘Artichoke’ light.

Manufactured by Louis Poulsen and designed by Poul Henningsen in 1958, the ‘Artichoke’ light has been continuously manufactured for over half a century. In copper, steel or white its ingenious construction hides the light source and sheds a warm, ambient light. With twelve steel arches and seventy two ‘leaves’, the timeless light fitting is sculptural and glorious. The original PH Artichoke lights were designed for a Copenhagen restaurant called Langelinie Pavilion, and in a tribute to their durability as well as desirability, they are still in situ to this day.

Poul Henningsen PH table lamp

A modern nod to the original PH lamp from the late 1920s.

Using a three-shade, tiered system, Poul Henningsen’s original 1920s table lamp has been updated by the Louis Poulsen brand. In a modern twist the PH 3 ½-2 ½ Table lamp has several colorways – the original had a burnished, brass-hued hood. Elegant, yet almost industrial in appearance, it was originally designed for use by students – the lamp is engineered so that the light is trained downwards onto a table or desk.

The Poul Henningsen table lamp

In four bright and poppy colors.

Almost like jaunty parasols, the PH 3 ½ – 2 ½ Table lights are appealing, bright and functional.

In the original marketing copy. Henningsen stated: “If the young student is to learn anything, he needs a good reading light!”

Poul Henningsen table and pendant lights

Simple, elegant style

In Table and Pendant styles, the PH lights lend themselves to all kinds of decor. They can have a relaxed, laid back vibe or they can be more stark and graphic. They also focus the light so that you can see clearly.

Aagaard Kro

The Aagaard Kro Restaurant in Denmark.

Aagaard Kro

Louis Poulsen lighting at the Aargaard Kro.

Aagaard Kro lights

Louis Poulsen PH wall and pendant lights.

The Louis Poulsen PH pendant, table and wall lights at the Aargaard Kro Restaurant in Denmark are nostalgic yet contemporary, luscious yet simple. With hoods of pale cream and glowing copper, they reflect the elegance and tranquility of this high-end restaurant, renowned for its world quality French and Nordic cuisine.