Green Line Architects Log Tree House rustic materials

Reclaimed and blown-down local timber come back together in this eccentric, organic and playful log tree house – as its lead architect David Rasmussen jovially puts it: “There is always a place for fun and frivolity in architecture!”

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Green Line Architects Log Tree House in the woods
Green Line Architects Log Tree House

Green Line Architects specializes in rural retreats that respond to nature in terms of both environmental sustainability and physical context – this lofty, rustic log tree house is no exception. Sheathing and siding were made of locally-sawn white pine and wavy-edge cedar, reinforcing the naturally-curved aesthetic of the structure.

While it might look like a hodgepodge abode, the building was carefully modeled in 3D computer systems ahead of time – then intentionally-twisted logs were fused into the construction on site. “In addition to being creative, inspiring spaces in which children can play, our treehouses also serve as quiet meditative spaces for the adults.  This one has custom-designed lighting fixtures, full wall insulation and a wood stove!”

Green Line Architects stairway

Other works by the architecture firm are more in the zone of luxury lodges and cabins than tree houses, but these creations are no less impressive.  Their stairways in particular are excellent, like this example pictured: “We have a passion for designing stairways, especially spirals and double helixes! The log center pole of this exterior spiral supports treads made from steel grating material. Custom steel angle braces support the treads, both of which will be allowed to rust out naturally.”

About the architecture firm: “Green Line Architects is a service-oriented design firm located in Carbondale, Colorado. We are in the heart of the Roaring Fork Valley between Glenwood Springs and Aspen. An award-winning firm, Green Line specializes in sustainable future-thinking designs. We carefully craft designs for residences, (single-family and multi-family) as well as restaurants, light commercial spaces and agricultural buildings. We have a commitment to the local community and work with many local non-profit organizations.”