inside tree top studio

When an architect needs new digs, you know the end result is going to be pretty spectacular. Australian architect Max Pritchard needed a studio at his home, but he didn’t want to modify the heritage listed elevated steel and glass house.

tree top studio

Instead, Pritchard designed and built the Tree Top Studio, a two-level circular tower that overlooks the surrounding treetops. Golden plywood sheeting wraps the tower in a lovely, natural looking sheath.

interior and entrance

Access to the tower is via a timber bridge that leads to an entrance on the second story. The interior workspace is lined with bookshelves and features dark battens that carry through from the exterior to form striking visual details.

sunburst floor

A roof overhang provides shelter from the sun while Pritchard works in his private woodsy getaway. With the belief that designers should be able to construct their own creations, Pritchard took on all of the construction work Рminus the electrical Рhimself, including the stunning circular work table within.