LJ Alpha Table Lamp
LJ Alpha table lamp

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It’s amazing what you can do with light, creative knowhow and some basic materials. Take a bespoke, filament-filled lightbulb, throw in some concrete and you have – The LJ ‘Alpha’ table lamp. Designed by Berlin-based design studio LJ Lamps, this is a combination of sophistication and urban utility that is simply irresistible. The world of interior lighting has had an ongoing love affair with naked bulbs for quite some time, and these light bulbs are bare and brash, yet also subtle – quite an act to pull off.

The LJ Alpha Chrome Oxide lampLJ Alpha Cadmium Yellow table lamp
If you prefer your ‘loft’ chic to be pastel-shaded, then the Chrome Oxide (green) and Cadmium Yellow varieties are just perfect for a ‘pretty with edge’ vibe.

The LJ Alpha Black and Gold
The Alpha concrete base can be customized and colored. In the ‘Alpha Black’ range, there’s Alpha Black, which is black all over, Alpha Black and Gold, or Alpha Black and Silver. The base pretty much lends itself to whatever you desire in order to create a compelling focal point in your space. The Alpha Black and Gold lamp is gilded with real 23-carat gold leaf. The Alpha Black and Silver is suffused with silver leaf. The overall effect is dramatic and striking, and the filament light is reflected in the gilded tops, making for an interesting visual play on light.
The LJ AlphaDemolished lamp
If fancy gold and silver accent touches are just not your thing, then the Alpha ‘Demolished’ version is sufficiently brutal in appearance, which should appeal to the most diehard urban dweller. Starting off with the hand-cast cube of the original Alpha lamp, it’s given a bit of a beating.
From the LJ studio website:
“The Demolition lamp  is smashed with brute force to create a look that is reminiscent of demolition and brownfield sites. The lamp thus represents a perfect contrast to your apartment and attracts everyone’s attention.”
Each copy of ‘Demolition’ is individual and unique. Hand crafted with precision and detail, the pigment cobalt blue is added to give that hands-on, battered look.
The LJ Alpha Demolished Gold lamp

The Alpha Demolished Gold Edition looks less bashed-about than the basic variety, as it’s infiltrated with gold! in a further nod to gentility, all of the LJ Alpha table lamps have felt on the base, so you don’t scratch your furniture.

The LJ Alph Psi - Closed

The LJ Alph Psi –  Closed

The LJ Alpha Psi - Open

The LJ Alpha Psi – Open

The LJ Alpha Psi - Straight

The LJ Alpha Psi – Straight

The Alpha Psi series – in closed, open or straight versions – has its own funky lampshade. This is constructed from strips of brass which are then polished to a high gloss. The light is refracted and reflected, creating a fractured, golden glow. A patina can build up on the brass that can be left or removed, depending on how ‘authentic’ or glossy you want to be. The top of each cube base is gilded in gold.
The LJ Alpha Delta Pendant Light

The LJ Alpha Delta

Alpha Delta - beng hammered
If you fancy investing in a contrasting concrete pendant light for extra ‘wow’, then the LJ ‘Delta’ pendant light is a gorgeous choice. Constructed in wire netting encased in smashed concrete, this will turn your urban loft – or even your cutting-edge country mansion – into the cool place to be.