In a moment of no-doubt laugh-out-loud insight, this designer clearly thought it would be need to lay sod on a single-wheeled mobile seat to create the ultimate portable outdoor chaise lounge – a literal and living ‘lawn chair’ for you to ‘grow’ on your patio, front porch or in the backyard.

While a right (or left or double) arm might make this funky furniture design idea by Deger Cengiz a bit more comfortable for actual lounging around taking an outdoor nap, you can at least bet that the bed of grass beneath you will work well as a cool cushion on a hut summer day.

Based visibly on the form of the classic red-painted metal wheelbarrow, there is not doubt that humor trumps function in this design – nonetheless, it beats a black-coated iron chair left to bake in the sun any day of the week. It cannot possibly be as cheap to produce as aluminum equivalents, but if you look around: few outdoor home design objects weather as well as wheelbarrows.