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IKEA has come to be synonymous with inexpensive starter furnishings. Their mass-produced flat-pack furniture is cheap, easily-transported and fits into just about any decorating scheme. The only drawback? It’s not exactly the most stylish stuff out there.

This limitation actually turns out to be a benefit for clever IKEA fans. Hacking or modifying these pieces to make them more decorative is a well-loved way to personalize their otherwise-plain appearance. Now a Swedish company called PrettyPegs is making it even easier to improve on the blank canvas of IKEA furniture.

PrettyPegs makes a line of furniture legs to replace the oh-so-plain ones that come with IKEA sofas and beds. A variety of colors and shapes allow you to choose exactly the right look – kind of like putting fashionable shoes on your furniture.

For the most part, the legs are so easy to change out that you can pick a new set whenever you want to update the look of your room. Unfortunately, after the currency conversion a set of legs costs almost as much as the cheapest IKEA sofa: between $104 and $160 for a set of four, plus $25 if you want them shipped to the U.S.