Transforming Workbed Desk 1

Do you think you could get a good night’s sleep on the same surface where you do all of your work? Some of us would love nothing more than to be able to nap on our desks, while the rest of us might fear having nightmares about spreadsheets and other work tasks. But wherever you stand, you’ll agree that the ‘Workbed’ by designer Mira Schroder takes the work/sleep concept in a beautiful direction.

Transforming Workbed Desk 2

This custom wooden piece starts out as an ordinary-looking desk, but with the push of a button, the surface flips to reveal a mattress. Special latches keep the bedding from falling out when it’s upside-down. Once flipped, it’s a narrow sleeping surface for one with a nightstand at one end.

Transforming Workbed Desk 3

It’s easy to imagine a surface like this working nicely as an additional sleeping option in a combination guest room/office, or a tempting place to relax for people who work long hours or deal with an arduous commute.

Transforming Workbed Desk 4

Schroder designed the piece for her own apartment in Berlin. In fact, her apartment is essentially a showroom – it’s both a personal living space and a shop called BLESS HOME, and it’s full of curious objects that do things you wouldn’t expect. All of the items seen in the home are available for purchase.