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Cheap mobile homes and over-the-top portable houses: move over. Leave it to the French to find the middle ground when it comes to small space interior design. Clearly these creative designers have learned from the cramped-but-cozy quarters of small Paris apartments in the design of these neat residential vacation retreats that make tiny living spaces seem comfortable – if not downright luxurious. Portable vacation rooms for rent? Yes, and they’re fabulous.

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The concept from the company (Carre Detoiles) here is somewhat atypical: though these are portable places to stay they are also planted in specific sites, taken to locations all around France and set up as homes-away-from-home for miniature vacations. At 10’x10’x10′ these are truly tine modules, yet the green-themed decor, playful round porthole windows and light wooden walls and paneling make the inside feel bigger than it is.

Each modular housing unit in this vacation-home series comes complete with sleeping space for four with built-in and fold-out beds and other attached furniture, shower, sink, toilet as well as a flat-screen television, audio player, telephone and internet connection – a kind of cross between a small rustic and high-end luxury cabin.

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More from Inhabitat: “The creators of the prefab are Louis & Nathalie Blanco, who have been working for many years to create new concepts for sustainable tourism that help travelers get closer to nature. One of their other ventures was les Roulottes de Campagne, which is similar to Carre d’Etoile, except they were mobile trailers. As each unit is autonomous, Carre d’Etoile embodies a real sense of freedom, but at the same time, feels like a luxury hotel.”

“The idea is similar in theory to glamping – luxurious yet rustic accommodations in beautiful and natural settings. Carre d’Etoile is  efficiently designed with multi-functional spaces and no extra room for frills. The intention is to provide the necessary amenities inside, but encourage lots of time spend out-of-doors. Currently, there are a number of destinations within France that you can check into and sleep soundly under your prefab skylight.”