Pet loungers modern puppy

Pet owners love their pets, of course, and every year we spend some $50 billion on them in the US alone. The luxurious furniture from Pet Lounge Studios gives dogs and cats their own special place to hang out and be comfortable, like this series of modern loungers.

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Pet loungers modern on a boat

Pet Lounge Studios’ Bambu Pet Furniture Collection consists of three models of pampered pet furniture. The Bambu Hammock I, above, is  a luxurious lounging spot for Spot.

Pet loungers modern

The Bambu Hammock II features a slightly different frame shape but the same concept: a soft memory foam cushion suspended above a sustainable bamboo frame.

Pet loungers modern detail

Pet parents looking for a slightly more sophisticated piece of furniture for Fido will appreciate the Bambu daybed. The well-designed piece looks just as luxurious as a daybed meant for humans, but in tiny proportions meant just for furry friends.

Loving these fun pet beds? You’re in luck – the brand now sells them through Petco and other retail sites! The matching bowl is great, too.


About Pet Lounge Studios

We are an eco-friendly design and manufacturing company that is dedicated to Modern Luxury Pet Furniture and Accessories. Our mission is to provide consumer products that stimulate the imagination and straddle the border between pets and humans.”


Pet Lounge Studios takes a unique approach towards the Humanization of Pets through Design. Our brand’s mission is to create totally unique designs that solve a variety of problems, but most importantly how to seamlessly and comfortably integrate our pets into our homes without sacrificing our finely planned decor. Instead of having to hide the standard overstuffed cushion, also known as a pet bed, when friends or family pay a visit to your home, Pet Lounge Studios designs furniture pieces that those same people will gravitate towards because they demand attention. Attention to the high quality, Eco-friendly materials and detailed craftsmanship. Pet Lounge Studios’s products are timeless and designed to last a lifetime.”