literal carved log cabin
A log cabin, tree house or mobile home for sale on eBay for $12,000 already sounds like a steal – but this brilliant buy featured all three combined (well, at least if you are willing to work loosely with architectural vocabulary regarding cabins, trees and homes).
literal tree house interior
The comfortably warm wooden exterior, to be fair, gives way to a somewhat run-down fixer-upper on the interior. Still, at 42 feet long with 450 cozy square feet of living space inside and an outside shaped like a giant log and and all of it on wheels, who would not be tempted purchase such a strange one-off wonder of the world?
literal log cabin tree house

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Originally created as a vehicle to promote tourism by the forestry service of Tasmania, this strange structure will still require some post-sale work if it is to be a fully-outfitted portable house. However, it is off to a good start with well-insulated interior already lightly decorated and at least complete with light fixtures. Of course, it could also be parked and used as a guest house, supplemental living area or unique playroom for children to augment an existing fixed-location residence.