Lionel Stitchie Discarded furniture

Furniture destined for the dumpster, abandoned curbside when it’s stained or saggy or thoroughly out of style, gets a new life with a fun project from fiber artist Molly Evans. Lionel Ritchie lyrics are embroidered in foot-tall script using braided yellow yarn and a tag gun in the pre-dawn hours, giving passersby and garbage collectors a fun surprise after sunrise.

Lionel Stitchie Discarded furniture 2

Evans finds the furniture on the streets of Milwaukee for her ‘Lionel Stitchie’ project. “These bulky discards were the remains of university graduates moving on to new chapters, of families starting over with fresh styles, and of people letting go of emotional attachments to tired possessions. I identified with this process of reestablishment and sought to call attention to this important narrative in progress all around the city.”

Lionel Stitchie Discarded furniture 3

Evans wanted to give the discarded furniture a voice – specifically, Lionel Ritchie’s voice. “I double dog dare you not to smile when you listen to that man croon,” she says.

Lionel Stitchie Discarded furniture 4

One particularly fun iteration of the project included a couch embroidered with the world ‘Hello?’ Nearby, lodged between two trees, a missing cushion from that very couch reads ‘Is it me you’re looking for?’