camera lamp designs
Ever feel like someone is watching you, or that you have been caught in the spotlight unprepared? Well, this set of three strange strange floor, table and wall lamp designs might just multiply those effects – right inside your very own living room.
camera manual art lamp
The Perspektiva Lamp was designed as much to be artistic commentary (on the nature of capturing versus producing light) as a piece of for-sale home lighting. The classic camera-and-tripod duo is immediately understandable to the eye from the distinctive shapes, but instead of taking images these are now lights that project into surrounding space.
camera security floor lamp
The surveillance lamp likewise uses recognizable forms – a standard public or private security camera – perched on a more abstract-looking tripod and movable like a typical multi-headed floor lamp would be. Per Emanuelsson and Bastian Bischoff, its designers, were inspired to create something that conjured the spirit of ‘1984’-style dystopian visions of a futuristic Big-Brother state.
camera security wall table lamps

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A smaller, swivel-mounted set of table and wall lamps by Antrepo Design Industry is a bit more sleek and stylish, but nonetheless cannot avoid the associations of security and prying eyes in their design.