Like the remnants of a dream or an M.C. Escher illustration come to life, this large-scale exploration in spatial composition sends the mind reeling. The Kazimir Space Model from Andrey Bondarenko and B2B Architects is a theoretical retail or exhibition space that tests our perceptions of space.

The large space features angular wooden and metal elements that criss-cross through the air, dividing the space into numerous visual segments. The shadows cast by these suspended shapes add yet another layer of visual division and trickery.

The nature of the space makes it difficult to tell exactly where the surfaces begin and the open space ends, and vice versa. Light and shadow dance around each other and create constant changes in perception.

The transparent, linear space is not only meant to induce confusion in visitors; those angular elements are meant to be used as display shelves and racks. While visitors would undoubtedly be slightly disoriented in this space were it empty, any products put on display in the unique interior would take center stage…if for no other reason than that it would be easier to look at the products than to try to make sense of their surroundings.