Cathedrals are designed to let in streams of beautiful light that inspire the heart and soul. But in this gothic cathedral in Kortrijk, Belgium, London studio Troika installed beams of light that made their way up from the floor and into the curved rafters.

The installation is called Arcades, and it was part of the Intrerieur design biennale. It consists of 14 upward-beaming light columns passing through fresnel lenses before reaching for the ceiling.

The fresnel lenses transform the straight columns of light into elegant curves by refracting it in a series of angles. This seemingly impossible phenomenon makes the light itself appear as though it is forming the arches of the cathedral.

According to the studio behind the project, “The arcade of light lies between the intangible and physical, the visible and the seemingly impossible. It asks the viewer to pause and contemplate the surrounding space whilst promoting openness rather than closure.”