ibat jour iphone light by Nazzareno Ruspolini

Italian product designer Nazzareno Ruspolini has created the ‘iBat-Jour’ series of teeny, tiny lamps to sit prettily on your iPhone and diffuse its inbuilt flashlight, creating a soft, ambient glow.

Constructed in white polyamide, the semi-opaque material is great for creating a soft and pleasing light, and each tiny lamp looks like classy porcelain.

But let’s get to the point of the thing – how cute is this?

ibat-Jour light by Ruspolini

You clamp your little lamp to the side of your iPhone, turn on the phone’s flashlight and presto! Enough ambient light to find your lost keys, grope your way to turn off your annoying alarm clock, locate your front door or just keep it turned on indoors to act as a subtle bedside table or desk lamp.

OK then, so we know it’s cute, but it’s also pretty clever. One of those lightbulb ‘why hasn’t it been done before?’ moments, in fact.

“My aspiration is to create objects that have not yet been invented,” says Nazzareno Ruspolini.

ibat-Jour iphone light - Ruspolini

Yup, it’s that small!

According to its creator, the iBat-Jour series was inspired by the  “observation of how the smartphone has incorporated the functions and replaced many objects of our everyday life, such as clocks, calendars, cameras etc.” And presumably, bedside lamps!

ibat-jour iphone lamp

There are four different shapes and sizes that replicate standard (OK, pun intended) lamp designs. So, you can get one to fit your particular size and shape of iPhone, and you also get to choose which classy iBat-Jour light you like the best.

DESIGNER Nazzareno Ruspolini

Clever designer Nazzareno Ruspolini – He’s just a little bit cheeky.

The designer creates products resulting from the culture of the time and limited by its technology but imagines scenarios and understands the needs even before they present themselves,”  says Nazzareno Ruspolini.

Ruspolini studied industrial design at the IED – the Institute of European Design in Rome, Italy. He opened the Nazzareno Ruspolini Design Studio in Terni, Italy in 2013. Two years earlier, together with fellow designer Alessandro Forti,  he won the James Dyson Award (he of the bagless vacuum cleaner), for their ‘Sanni’ project.

The 'Remember' Light by Nazzareno Ruspolini

The ‘Remember’ light puts a little spin on our experience of seeing a lamp’s shape after we close our eyes. The light source is subtle (you can see the rectangle of light reflected in the glossy table top, above) – and the fragile outline of the light has an ethereal quality.

The Remember Light by Ruspoloni

Ruspolini’s ‘Remember’ Light was dreamed up by  ”observation of light sources, for the most part closed structures that encase the light …. for a moment we close our eyes and we stop to think of the lamp above our table  – the image that will be created in our mind will be a silhouette of a shadow that defines the contours.”'Jury' - suspended light by Nazzareno Ruspolini

The 'Jury' suspended light by Nazzareno Ruspolini

Ruspolini’s ‘Jury’ suspended light is simple, elegant, compelling. It’s designed like the pull for a light switch – only the light is in the handle.

In a light-hearted way, Ruspolini plays with light, and our conceptions of what we already know and love are tweaked just a little bit