swiss house of writing

Is creativity affected by your surroundings? If so, the House of Writing designed by blank studio is sure to inspire a forest of creativity. Nestled in a group of tall columns that resemble trees, the residence is clad in transparent and translucent glass as well as a perforated steel panel that casts beautiful shapes of light inside.

rear of writer's residence

The entry of the residence is at ground level. This ground floor houses the kitchen, restroom, and dining area. The punctured steel panels envelop the interior deck, perhaps providing the resident writer with inspiration from the lovely natural surroundings.

forest of pillars house of writing

The other end of the home floats above the ground on columns within the forest of exterior columns, giving it a sense of airiness which is only emphasized by its large windows and extensive use of different types of glass.

house of writing staircase

Inside, a contrast of naturally-patterned light and dark wood complement the perforated metal railings of the staircase that leads up to the writer’s office.

writers home office

The second-level writer’s office is a serene, comfortable place in which to pen great masterpieces. The windows here are opaque, allowing abundant natural light to enter the room but reducing the distractions that working in front of a window will inevitably cause.

(via: designboom)