cloud toilet paper holder

Toilet paper is one of those things that we tend to work hard to keep out of sight. There are entire storage systems built for the sole purpose of hiding your stash of toilet paper. French designers Bertrand Jayr and Lyon Béton take the opposite approach with their Cloud toilet paper holders.

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cloud toilet paper holder isolated

The holders are sculptural grey (or silver if you’re particularly optimistic) wall-hanging shapes that resemble the outline of a cloud. Their hanging hardware is concealed so there’s nothing to distract from the graceful, simple lines. A small version and a large version are available to fit your bathroom.

cloud toilet paper holder detail

You pile your toilet paper on top of the wall holders to complete the cloud theme. The fluffy white rolls are the perfect shape to form indoor clouds on your bathroom wall. You can stack them high to ensure you’ll always have a supply at hand or use the Cloud as more of a whimsical sculpture with just a few rolls. Either way, it’s probably the first time we’ve thought of a toilet paper holder as “beautiful.”

cloud toilet paper holder bottom view

Want one of your own? You can purchase the Cloud toilet paper holder at Lyon Betón’s website for $130 USD. From the product description there:

“Because small spaces deserve a little levity, too. Bertrand Jayr designed a smaller version of his hit toilet paper shelf, specially adapted for narrower washrooms. Don’t hide your toilet paper anymore. Turn it into a work of art!”

About designer Bertrand Jayr:

“According to Bertrand Jayr, there is a transversality linking these disciplines, which are both distinct and related. It is precisely through the transgression of its own limits that Art is constantly redefining itself. This is how this young artist and designer from Lyon considers these two practices simultaneously. An innovative and meaningful design, reconciling creativity and use.”

“Graduated from the School of Applied Art of the city of Lyon in 2004, between BTS and Fine Arts, he spent 4 years training in Interior Architecture and Design which will allow him subsequently to sharpen this transversal artistic vision. Bertrand Jayr enjoys making objects talk. Strongly permeated by Conceptual Art, it is often the intention that dictates its approach.”