thesayboat modern houseboat design

So many of us dream of packing up and moving all of our things into a houseboat, but those dreams often dissolve when we see just how tiny and dark most houseboats are. This one is different, however. It’s called Thesayboat, and it may just change the way we daydream about houseboats.

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thesayboat interior

Thesayboat was designed by Marek Ridky, who says the houseboat’s overall composition was inspired by a quote from Le Corbusier: “Human habitation should be a cell with a view of the stars.”

thesayboat stairs

This modern houseboat most certainly fulfills that ambition. With ample space for two people, the “cell” embraces views of the outdoors from every direction. Half of the top floor consists of a huge bedroom which is entirely surrounded in windows. Gorgeous wooden shutters block out the sun or protect the inhabitants’ privacy.

thesayboat deck

The other half of the top floor is an enormous rooftop deck with a hot tub. A transparent safety enclosure enhances a feeling of openness on the deck.

This openness is repeated inside, where the staircase leading from the lower floor to the bedroom is also enclosed in a see-through safety barrier. The feeling of airiness is important in such a physically confining space as a houseboat, and the designer captured this feeling perfectly.

Other comforts of home include a surprisingly large bathroom and a small but functional kitchen. We could certainly see spending a few lazy weekends floating on the water and just taking in the sights from this decidedly stylish pontoon-based home.

thesayboat at night

“Inspiration for Thesayboat, part one: Functionalism. Simple and smart plan, huge windows and many others… On picture Villa of Mac Fric in Prague designed by Ladislav Zak in 30’s years of 20th century. Inspiration for the Thesayboat, part two: Bus. Mostly Skoda RTO. Nice, simple shapes, huge windows. Maybe nobility… This type was produced between 1958 and 1972. Designer of Thesayboat remember when he was very small boy (about 1980), he went by similar younger bus on vacation to grandmother… Way to the great times!”

“Inspiration for the Thesayboat, part three: Pink Floyd. They have great sound. But especially Signs of Life from Momentary Lapse of Reason album has similar atmosphere to feeling from creating TB.”