It might not be as elaborate or elegant as Joss Whedon’s contemporary vision, but this life-sized full-scale dollhouse by Heather Benning is the real deal. This art installation is part found object work and part experiential sculpture and all kinds of strange.


The basic idea in this transformation was simple but is anything but obvious from the road: peal off one face of an old farmhouse – abandoned since the 1960s – color it brightly, fill it with period pieces of furniture and add plexiglass to protect the interior.



On approach one simply sees a sign for the upcoming dollhouse and has to wonder what it has to do with what appears to be a falling-apart wooden building in the distance. Winding up the road, however, there is a strange surreal shock that occurs when you can suddenly see into every room of this ghost house.


Two questions remain, though: (1) what would it look like if you populated it with poseable figures and (2) how strange would it be to try and live in such an enclosure?