converted condo

Few condos can boast such a close connection to their urban environs as this conversion, tucked into a former retail space and suited only for those who enjoy such direct presence on the street.

condo living room

Designed by Anne Sophie Goneau, the space conserves and exposes existing brick, wood and steel, deferring to these quirky and rich materials with otherwise simplified whites and blacks throughout.

converted condo interior

A series of steel beams and columns are left to their own rhythms, allowed some space from the sides of hallways.

condo living kitchen

Stainless steel sinks and black appliances and cabinets float in the white bathroom and kitchen spaces.

condo home halls

The rooms are left as open as possible with clear and translucent glass, particularly toward the back of the complex where natural light is harder to come by – in turn, supplemental illumination comes from hidden lighting along edge openings.