Sofas are simply for sitting on — so why would anyone need them to be “smart?” The answer, simply put, is for the same reason manufacturers are incorporating tech features into virtually everything else these days: so they can be hyper-customized to our individual preferences. Connected furniture is still relatively new to the suite of “smart home” gadgets currently on offer, which can include everything from home security systems to toasters, but LG is ready to sell you on its collaboration with Italian furniture maker Natuzzi with a level of comfort and convenience like you’ve never experienced before.

Originally making its debut at LG’s “Smart Living Concept” show, the Colosseo Smart Sofa isn’t just a sleek modern centerpiece for your living room, though it does maintain Natuzzi’s signature style and quality in terms of its design and materials. It also connects to all the other smart technology in your home via Google Assistant, which means it can interact with your TV, lights, thermostats, and more. The value of this becomes fully understood with the use of the sofa’s five custom modes: reading, relaxing, TV, music, and “pause mode.”

Activated through voice control or a special app powered by LG SIGNATURE, these modes will simultaneously adjust the couch and your other smart devices to make you as comfortable as possible in the midst of these activities. If you select TV mode, for example, the couch will recline to the appropriate angle, your lights will dim, and the television will automatically turn on to the app or channel you usually watch at that particular time of day. “Pause mode” not only pauses the television, but it also tilts you upright.

Taking that customization one step further, the Colosseo will actually recognize the voices of individuals who sit on the couch and remember all of their unique preferences. If you don’t like your chair to angle back quite as far as your spouse prefers, no worries: the couch will remember just as soon as you sit down. The couch itself is a space-saving, clutter-free design that can recline without having to be set back from a wall, and it even includes a few built-in Bluetooth speakers. Designed by esteemed Italian furniture designer Mauro Lipparini, the Colosseo is ideally paired with LG’s “Wallpaper” Signature OLED W8 TV, which according to the company “becomes one with the wall for a room to feel spacious and open, without any clutter.”

Released as part of LG’s premium LG SIGNATURE line, the Colosseo is so new to the scene that it hasn’t even been added to the company’s website yet, so only a few additional details are available at this time. For now, it’s just a concept, but its functions are bound to be popular, so don’t be surprised if you see a bunch of copycat designs popping up on design blogs in the coming months.

“Natuzzi and LG SIGNATURE entered into this partnership with the same objectives in mind — to make beautifully designed, art-inspired, minimalistic products that fit into any luxury home,” said LG’s U.S. Senior Vice President of Marketing David VanderWaal. “Incredible design and innovative technology bind the two major brands together, and through this partnership we are delivering a one-of-kind smart living consumer experience.”