This is do-it-yourself decor at its best: wallpapers that provide a framework to let children get creative and adults customize their interior design. More like peal-away borders than traditional wallpaper per say, this idea lets home owners blend the best of stylish professional design with unique, personal and artistic decorative touches. So easy a kid could do it (and does in the photos at the bottom of this page).

Tired of watching the paint peal (metaphorically or otherwise)? This is a bit like wallpapering in reverse. Sound complexThe concept is simple: add the peal-away paper elements to a selected wall surface, decorate with paint on the in-between spaces and pull back the sticky tape-like material to reveal the final design.

Made in modular sheets by a team of designers at ZNAK, the preset patterns are easy to line up accurately with wall and floor borders as well as with one another, ensuring a consistent application across the board (or walls as it were). Removing it is the final step of the process, and much easier than pealing off old wallpaper or paint of course.

As neat as the more geometric and planned two-color examples are, how to install and use these printed pattern sets is a matter of individual choice. Do it yourself and it can be whatever you envision – or, if you are not the artist type, let kids take over the process and you may end up with something fairly abstract though equally (if not more) compelling, as illustrated by the child-drawn piece above.