Whether you go the Zen route with sand and stones or just grow a few indoor herb varieties, desktop gardens can be a great way to add a little tranquility to your workspace. But have you ever seen one that almost looks like a mini futuristic city? A modular indoor planter system called LeGrow expands upon the traditional desktop garden concept with architectural elements that are also functional, allowing you to design and continually modify your own custom arrangement.


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Promotional crowdfunding images explain how the LeGrow modular desktop garden works.

Those architectural elements are exactly what make LeGrow stand out. They include stackable vertical planters in two depths, an LED grow lamp, an automated 360-degree diffusing mist humidifier, a riser for stacking hanging plants, and a Bluetooth speaker, all of which you layer on top of a self-watering tray. Each one has a unique and interesting shape, looking more like a sculpture than a functional object. Presented in all white with lots of curves and arches, these growing modules have sort of a utopian look to them that pairs beautifully with living plants.

Each LeGrow modular desktop garden comes with a handmade humidifier to keep your plants happy all the time.

The process of building your LeGrow garden is as satisfying as watching it grow. It’s designed to be as easy as assembling your very own LEGO creation, giving you the freedom to build in whatever shapes and configurations you like. Create a terraced arrangement, vertical towers, a long narrow strip for the center of a table, or a system that looks like a tiny neighborhood.

Custom LeGrow modular desktop garden setup.

Custom LeGrow modular desktop garden setup.

Custom LeGrow modular desktop garden setup.

Once assembled, the LeGrow garden becomes its own self-contained ecosystem. Since it has its own built-in lighting, you don’t have to worry about finding a window with suitable sunlight to support it. The rounded glass humidifier distributes moisture evenly across the whole thing, and a built-in water pipe structure makes sure that all the planters are connected to each other, sharing water from the tray. Even better, the tray has been made translucent so you can keep an eye on the water level.

Larger versions of the LeGrow modular desktop garden even boast a fun Bluetooth speaker that lets you serenade your plants.

It’s rare to see sound incorporated into an indoor garden system, so the Bluetooth speaker is a bit of a fun extra in this set. You can connect it to your phone and play relaxing music for the ultimate in stress-reducing mini Zen gardens, or maybe experiment with the concept that plants can be affected by sound. What you grow in your desktop garden is really up to you, but the LeGrow system can support succulents and cacti, herbs, flowers, and tropical greenery, including finicky plants that need a lot of water, like carnivorous pitcher plants and Venus flytraps.

Young woman works hard on her custom LeGrow modular desktop garden setup.

The LeGrow Desktop Garden is currently available for pre-order at Indiegogo in a variety of packages. The Vertical Garden is the smallest at $34 USD, coming with a single pot, an LED grow lamp, three vertical planters, and a water tray. The systems get bigger from there, all the way up to the $428 Rainforest configuration, which comes with a speaker, a humidifier, 26 pots, 11 vertical planters, 20 shallow moss planters, four grow lamps, and more. All orders are estimated to ship out in September 2021.