Maybe it was just the craziness of 2020, but according to a LEGO Play Well Study, seven out of 10 adults around the world look for ways to de-stress at least weekly. That’s a lot of anxious and frazzled human beings. And after finding that another eight out of 10 adults say that play helps them relax, it’s easy to see why the company has just announced a new collection meant only for grown-ups.

The LEGO Botanical Collection, announced on December 30th, 2020, is a range of “mindful models,” including a flowered bouquet and a seasonally changing Bonsai tree.

“While many people seek out green spaces to de-stress and relax, adults can now bring a touch of nature into their home and unwind as they create and customize their botanical builds,” LEGO said in its official press release. “And the great news is that LEGO plants don’t need to be watered to stay fresh.”

Those are some encouraging words for aspiring gardeners who don’t have much of a green thumb. And appropriately, both sets feature some components constructed from plant-based plastic, itself made from sustainably sourced sugarcane.

The 756-piece, first-ever “Bouquet” set consists of an assortment of roses, poppies, snapdragons, asters, daisies, and various grasses in a visually-striking array of colors. The stems can be adjusted to fit in any size vase, and the petals are repositionable for an endless combination of displays. The company suggests this bunch of beaming blossoms would even make a “special and unusual gift” for anniversaries and birthdays.

The Bonsai tree kit, with its 878 pieces, allows LEGO fans to experience the ancient art of carefully snipping leaves and branches to create an exquisitely shaped shrub. The green leaves can be swapped out for pink cherry buds to keep pace with the seasons, or simply whenever builder wants a change. Only astute observers will be able to tell that most of the blushing blooms are actually tiny and charming LEGO frogs. Standing in its included slatted wood-effect pot, the tree is a decent synthetic version of the real thing. Its soothing shape and hues could believably help liberate some of those feel-good neurochemicals that help people calm down.

“As adults look for new ways to switch off and relax, we’re delighted to be able to help them seek solace from their busy everyday lives as they immerse themselves in creating these beautiful botanical builds,” says Jamie Berard, Design Lead at the LEGO Group. “The customizable elements and mindful building experience will hopefully help them express their personality as their creativity blossoms.”

LEGO may have been right about adults using to play to relax, because within days of its January 1 release, the new collection completely sold out on the company website, as well as on retail sites like Target and Walmart. Once back in stock, the Flower Bouquet can be purchased online here, while the Bonsai Tree is listed here.

The LEGO Flower Bouquet perennials can stand more than 14 inches tall and are priced at $49.99. Plastic horticulturists can add to their arrangements with individually sold LEGO Roses and Tulips for $12.99 each. The completed LEGO Bonsai Tree reaches seven inches high and also retails for $49.99.