There’s no denying that the world loves LEGO. Originally released in 1932, the classic colorful stacking blocks are ostensibly toys for kids, but adults can’t seem to stop turning them into objects they can play with, too. They’ve been integrated into our toiletry products, interior design, and even entire buildings, among many other things. If you’re obsessed with LEGOs, but have held back from incorporating them into your home because they look and feel a tad too childish for your tastes, Danish homeware design company Room Copenhagen has a new creation just for you.

Fun wooden shelves and decor accents featured in the new Room Copenhagen X LEGO HOME furniture collection.

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The Room Copenhagen x LEGO HOME collection is a series of desk drawers, book racks, picture frames, and wall hangers that translates the plastic primary-colored bricks into polished wooden accents. The reference is unmistakable. Each item even bears the round knobs and holes on top and bottom so they can be stacked like life-size versions of real LEGO bricks. That means you can start with just a few, and add on as many more modules as you like when you need more storage or display space.

Thin life-size LEGO bricks double as striking wooden shelves and framing.

LEGO storage containers complete with real interlocking tops, as featured in Room Copenhagen's new LEGO HOME furniture collection.

The desk drawers are probably the most versatile items in the collection. They come in two sizes: 2X2, which measures about six by six inches, and 2X4, which measures 12 inches wide by six inches deep. This is where you might find yourself tempted to build a LEGO storage castle and get creative by offsetting how they fit together. You could dream up anything from a small desktop storage unit to an entire wall of drawers, adding in the picture frames and book racks or using them elsewhere on their own.

Rick wooden LEGO knobs featured in the new collection offer great spots to hang things from.

The collection is crafted with sustainably sourced red oak for a chic minimalist look that blends in with most interior decor schemes. That might seem like a new development, but it’s actually a nod to the early history of the toy brand. The very first LEGOs were made of wood, with the transition to plastic coming in 1960. This collection marks the first time the brand has worked with wood since then.

Wooden LEGO picture frames featured in the new Room Copenhagen X LEGO HOME furniture collection.

All of the storage solutions in the Room Copenhagen x LEGO HOME collection were also built to scale, so they’re the same size in relation to humans as the toy bricks are in relation to LEGO mini-figurines. This is one LEGO set you never have to worry about accidentally stepping on.

This isn’t Room Copenhagen’s first time reimagining ways to interact with LEGO in the home. Their original LEGO collection also consists of life-size LEGO bricks serving as toy chests, mini-fig display cases, storage racks, desk drawers, wall shelves, and more. But that collection is geared towards kids, more closely resembling the original toys, whereas the new HOME collection is a little more grown-up.

Life-size LEGO bricks turned into usable storage containers for the Room Copenhagen X LEGO HOME Collection.

“Room Copenhagen is well-versed in creating and producing upscaled LEGO bricks for children’s storage and organization in the home, and this launch takes our collaboration with the LEGO group to the next level, in terms of expanding the product line to target adults,” says company CEO Jacob Eberhard.