EverBlock elephant

Is there an elephant in the room here? A Lego elephant? Well, actually no – this is made from EverBlock®. You won’t see much mention of Lego on the EverBlock website, but still, surely we all want to get our hands on some right now, and why is that, I wonder? Well because it brings out your inner kid – you can play with it, you can easily build stuff, there’s lots of colors – come on it’s just like Lego! And who doesn’t love Lego?

Everblock Cocktail Bar

Practical furniture for grown up kids

You can make walls, room dividers – and fabulous furniture that need never  be thrown away – just remade into something new. This EverBlock cocktail bar proves this efficient, modular building system is not all about the kids.  You can be all grown up and still play with bright building blocks in primary colors, turning them into something striking, practical and fun. Made from recyclable Polypropylene, it’s virtually indestructible. If you get bored with your creation – break it up, make something new!

EverBlock Waterproof Furniture

According to the Everblock website:

“Simplicity of design and construction is at the core of the company’s view of the world, and we want to make it easy to tap into people’s imagination and love for creating new objects.

Like the toys of our childhood, which enabled us to express ourselves and realize our vision in physical products, EverBlock was conceived to allow designers, decorators, and inventors everywhere to economically build their dream.”

So, it’s inspired by toys? Yup – it’s like building with giant Legos! But this time, you can turn it into furniture, sit on it, eat from it, serve drinks on it, or store and display stuff on it. Use the Everblock Virtual 3D Builder to test out your construction plan – then just get making stuff!

Everblock shelving

From simple modular shelving systems to more complex office desks, chairs, coffee tables and couches, this stackable system is open to your needs and your imagination.

Modular furniture

Just start creating with interlocking, universal polypropylene blocks: Full sized – 12-inch block, half-sized 6-inch, quarter-sized 3-inch block and a 12-inch finishing cap. That’s it! No glue, nails or complicated tools that make a racket and can be difficult to work with. Just the EverBlock modular system, your hands and your creativity. Employ some glass for table-tops and shelves to give that added touch of sophistication and practicality.

EverBlock Modular Desks

Build a desk in minutes

New York-based Arnon Rosen created Portafloor, one of the world’s first modular flooring systems that were used in the 1996 Olympic Games. He then went on to found the EverBlock building system.

“I have been fortunate to have been able to work with physical products all my life and to have had unique platforms that allowed me to be creative.  It is my love of seeing what can be created that led me to found EverBlock®. I hope that EverBlock opens ups opportunities for designers and inventors, both professionals and individuals and provides the basis for new types of innovation and creation.  Keep making things!” —Arnon Rosan, Founder and CEO of EverBlock

Modular Desks

Green EverBlock
Recyclable, re-usable – this is green, ecological,  simple-to-build construction – and it’s fun!