The effect of these bookcases is subtle, at first – one could almost miss the writing on the wall, particularly once it is piled with stacks and rows of colorful books. Still, lingering in the background, a nearly subliminal message that you can spell out in modular do-it-yourself shapes.

Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Saporiti co-designed this cleverly readable series of stackable shelving units featured on Each letter of the alphabet is to be available, as well as numbers (0 through 9, which can of course be assembled into part of any alphanumeric string as well).

The ABC Bookcase “is proposed as a piece of furniture to read and write at will, with a unique and personal result.
Thanks to the studied use of shelves, each module takes on the contours of a letter of the alphabet (hence the name ABC bookcase) which allows you to exploit the spaces of a modern bookcase in all its potential and you can assemble the square modules at will. 51 x 51 cm with open shelving to compose the words you want. It is available in several finishes and is characterized by two colors, with external surfaces in contrast to the internal walls, to improve readability.”

“ABC BookCase is proposed as an original and versatile piece of furniture, reflecting the identity of those who compete in their game to tell something about themselves to others.”

Black and white are one set of options, but colors are possible as well. Rows and columns present endless creative possibilities. Of course, this is pending mass-production, but you can always contact the designer to see about a special exception, too.

About Saporiti

Saporiti Italia is our company that creates refined and original furniture collections, designed in collaboration with famous architects or with emerging and innovative designers from all over the world, including Pierluigi Cerri, Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas, Marti Guixé, Toshiyuki Kita, Daniel Libeskind, Mauro Lipparini, Eric Maria, Claudio Nardi, Giovanniofferedi, Park Associati, John Portman, Alberto Rosselli, Storage Milano, Shin Takamatsu, Antonio Ventimiglia, James Wines / SITE, Carlos Zapata and many others.”