Coins, odds and ends .. these things we expect to find under the sofa cushions, but these days color-changing LEDs seem to be just as common as pocket change. Taken to the extreme the idea becomes particularly fascinating: what if we simply built all of our lighting into the home furniture and furnishings around us … would we even need normal light fixtures?

With a lit pattern for every occasion, these sectional sofas flip from one colorful display setting to the next at the push of a button. Display options include abstract modern patterns and contemporary floral prints while the colors can shift through the spectrum from simple white through subtle purple, bright blue and a seductive dark red. Modules can even display different designs and/or color schemes at the same time side by side.

Whether this convertible, color-changing functionality from Colico will work as a conversation piece of worry your potential date is another question entirely. Still, whether it is the next style trend or simply an experiment there is something to be said for literally weaving illumination into the fabrics of our everyday lives.