Glass Splashbacks

Kitchen back splashes are typically not the focal point of the room. But these made-to-order custom glass back splashes will steal the show in the heart of any home.

Dog photo backsplash

The British company Glass Splashbacks makes stunning back splashes featuring whatever color, shape or picture you desire. You also choose the thickness of the glass. The colors or pictures are printed directly onto the glass, giving the back splashes a vivid and bright appearance.

It’s basically an almost instantaneous way to give your kitchen a dramatic new focal point, changing the mood. Putting a photo of your dog’s face front and center is a pretty bold move, for example. Hopefully these surfaces are just as quick and easy to remove when you want a new look as they are too install.

bright red backsplash

The glass used to create these bespoke works of art is toughened to make it able to withstand kitchen temperatures up to 220 degrees C (428 F), so there’s no worrying that the meal you’re cooking is going to crack the custom work of art.

city theme backsplash

Although they are undeniably beautiful, the products from Glass Splashbacks strike us as just a bit impractical. Unless you are accustomed to giving everything a thorough scrubbing after every meal you cook (and we aren’t), grease and other normal kitchen debris would accumulate quickly.

From Freshome:

“Upon ordering, all you have to do is provide the measurements, allowing 2-3 mm gaps at the sides for expansion, the desired thickness of glass, which can be as thin as 4 mm and the design you want on the glass, whether it is a particular color or an image. Once the user receives the kit, he or she will have to apply a few even blobs of neutral cure silicone adhesive to the back of the glass and assert some pressure when placing it into position. Alternatively, pre-cut screw holes are available. “