leather furniture desk design

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It is a safe bet that this is not what most people mean when they go to shop for leather furniture – desks, dressers, drawers and cabinets made by recycling and stacking vintage suitcases of various dark colors in hodgepodge patterns.

leather recycled furniture set

Because of their similarity in tone, material consistency and shape there is a kind of uniformity and consistency to these unique furniture designs by Maarten De Ceulaer – as well as a cautious interplay of symmetry and asymmetry. There is also something simple and inspiring about the approach that would lend itself to do-it-yourself copy-cat projects.

leather furniture collection idea

Some of these are simply piles of leather objects while others involve greater altercations and additions, moved handles and more varied colors to further enhance the tension of the original discarded objects and the new hybrid furniture. One could image an entire office layout with these mutant works comprising the core interior design theme.