What if you could lift up your house and position it like a telescope so that it focuses on the distant horizon? That’s essentially what PRAUD did with this two-story private residence near Chungpyong Lake in South Korea, lifting a rectangular architectural volume and propping it up on a smaller one to make it seem like it’s leaning.

leaning-house-2 leaning-house-3 leaning-house-4

The cantilevered front portion of the home faces the south for optimal sunlight exposure during the day, creating a shaded terrace below. The angle enables a small balcony off the master bedroom upstairs, while the glazed box holding up the main volume pulls in even more light.

leaning-house-5 leaning-house-6 leaning-house-7

The rectangular form is wrapped in zinc panels, enhancing the dynamic diagonal visual effect. The overall scheme increases square footage without altering the building’s small footprint, and stays within a relatively low budget of $185,000.