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The first thing that most chairs start with is four legs – or at least three. Two is just never enough, or so the thinking goes … until one takes a cue from increasingly-popular, wall-leaning, two-legged bookcases, anyway.

An Lena is an attempt to challenge a basic principle of chair design, utilizing a wall and rubber friction grips to provide another form of support augmented by weight and gravity of someone sitting.

Via MocoLoco: “Simone Harbert created her An Lena chair as part of Parasites & Hybrids, a student exhibition at the Burg Giebichenstein College of Art and Design in Germany. The piece is a parasitic prototype, which cleverly supports itself by gripping into the masonry work of the walls it leans against. Harbert’s idea is that with lightweight and mobile furniture, urban landscapes can quickly be transformed into community spaces.”