Summer is coming. Get out your pool toys — and inflatable furniture, such as modular armchairs, platforms or hammocks. Pigro Felice (which means lazy and happy in Italian) makes these super stylish Modul’Air play and lounge pieces for relaxing both in the pool and out of the pool, on the patio or in the garden. The stylishly minimalist line includes loungers plus pillows and magnetic cup holders for cocktails, a mesh hammock that makes you feel like you’re sleeping on the water.

TONX1825 TONX1276 TONX1675

The modular pool elements can be connected, stacked and combined to be shaped into whatever lounge configuration you desire, including a big platform for socializing or a cozy chair for solo me time. Colors range from a matte black or white to aquamarine, sand and playful rose pink. We love the idea of combining various pastels to create a happy pool landscape, and we are definitely fans of the hammock with its mesh bottom.

TONX1428 TONX2248 TONX2422

The collection is made of a leak-proof, stain-resistant, phthalate-free, non-carcinogenic PVC. The product arrives with a super powerful pump that gets your inflatable going in less than a minute. They only need to be re-inflated once, a week after the first time, and then are good to go all summer long. The same pump that filled the pieces is also used to deflate them quickly and easily.

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Pigro Felice also make these really cool waterproof and autonomous Solar Light Balls as well as a line of towels, shorts, tops, wristbands, totes, caps, and other pool gear.