custom built in shelves

In a small condo or apartment it can be difficult to plan for or sacrifice space for storage. Still, when the bookcase can look this beautiful and become an integral part of an incredible interior hallway design … well, it becomes a much easier decision to make.

custom built in shelves 3

In an age of digital fabrication technologies, creating curved cuts is easier than ever – especially in already-flat materials like these plywood horizontal shelves and vertical supports. DBD design + build studio had a relatively simple task: pre-cut the pieces and then fit them together as a three-dimensional puzzle on site.

custom built in shelves 2

A lack of shelving space for books and collected odds and ends coupled with the desire for an artistic solution let to this wrap-around, built-in solution. The unit as a whole is built up along the wall but also made to wrap across the ceiling and create a transitional envelope of engaging and undulating space between the entryway and main living spaces of the home.