Lady Locks Creations Animal Jewelry: Octopus Necklace

Nature lives and dies in an endless cycle. Lady Locks Creations captures the remains of the day in stunning objects and jewelry featuring bumble bees, moths and butterflies preserved under glass domes and in small glass vials. There are also whole octopi, badger spines, raccoon jaws and more perpetuated in an avant garde ode to animal life and the beauty of nature.

Lady Locks Creations Animal Jewelry

Before you shy away in morbid disdain, consider the artist’s mission. She says: “Our modern world wastes so much and often undervalues animal life. My jewelry is my way of celebrating the beauty and the lives of these animals.” Thus, lady “locks life.”


She taught herself how to clean bones, and turn road kill into objets d’art. Jewelry making was already a skill, when she started out some five years ago. The idea is to respect each creature’s life. Some critters are found on nature excursions, others obtained from specialty suppliers. No animals are ever harmed for this careful work, nor are there any endangered or protected species involved.

Lady Locks Creations Animal Jewelry: Bone Necklace

The completely cruelty-free collection ranges from Mammal, Nautical, Reptile, and Insect to Spooky, Antique and more. The jewelry section includes a Moth Glass Dome Necklace, a Butterfly Locket, a Bottled Bee, Badger Spine/Vertebrae Necklace, Bottled Octopus Tentacle Necklace and more fantastical items.

Lady Locks Creations Animal Jewelry: Necklace


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