Kreoo marble seats at the pool

There is something both futuristic and primal about the Pavè Stone seats from Kreoo. Designed by Enzo Berti and made in Italy, they have a marble base and a wood seat and come in three different sizes and colors.

Kreoo marble seats indoors

Kreoo excels in haute design in the medium marble for both indoor and outdoor spaces. As the Italian company says: “Kreoo creates an unexplored dimension of the marble item managing in exalting its sensual and secret soul.” If you think about it, this bold statement isn’t so esoteric after all. Rocks have been considered to have special powers since the beginning of humans’ fascination with them. Clearly inspired by nature, the elegant marble seats recall river pebbles rounded to smooth perfection by time, and have a calming and harmonizing effect on the spaces they inhabit.

Kreeo marble chairs

The Living Collection also includes the Oasi marble seats, designed to look like tropical atolls. Like coral islands, they look fantastic in clusters. Instead of Pavè, the feature Travertine layers.

Kreoo Oasi seats

The Pave Log is a bench for Kreoo’s marble bases. It’s indeed a log that looks like a balance beam from a gym. It’s intended for both outdoors and indoors. For the latter, one can get a creamy leather cover. They also look great painted in vivid orange or clinical white. These logs are available in three lengths.

Kreoo Pave Log

We find these objects ultra versatile, picturing them just as easily in an ultra modern, minimalist home as amid rustic farmhouse chic. We envision them in spas or hotel lobbies, old-fashioned, messy gardens or sparse pool landscapes. The word Kreoo is derived from the Greek “kraino,” which translates into “to create, to realize.” For more information, visit