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Kodachrome may be out of stock, but for some it will never go out of style. This set dating back decades was appropriated, drilled and stitched back together to form a flexible but light-filtering window shade for an entry doorway

YarnZombie (Jacki Vance-Kuss) shot the images of the final product; Travis punched a pair of holes in each corner of each slide, then looped chainmail rings to connect each slide to the next in rows and columns.

So far, so good – no fading reported as of month five and counting. No doubt, though, the images will blur in time, and the paper sides of the slides will yellow in turn. Nothing lasts forever.

For someone with a little ingenuity, and perhaps more time and craft skill than money, this would make a great garage-sale-based do-it-yourself home project that could definitely keep you busy for hours on end.