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You’re about to meet your new best friend. Misplaced your phone at home? Already checked down the side of the couch? Tap Knocki to ring your cell. Finishing up a dinner party and want to make coffee? Tap to activate the Knocki from under the table. Want to get an alert when your mail’s been delivered? Or how about being able to change the temperature or lighting immediately?

Yes, Knocki is the multi-tasker extraordinaire. For a little disk device, it packs a hefty wallop.


The designers envisioned Knocki making any surface “smart.” You tap near the Knocki, and programmed actions happen effortlessly. Think of it as the clap-on-clap-off device of today. (Apologies for putting that jingle in your head for the rest of the day.) It’s an unobtrusive remote control.

We’re sure that once you get into the Knocki habit, you’ll want one in every room.

Our favorite idea: use it to start your morning cup o’ joe brewing from the comfort of your bed while you’re still yawning and slowly waking up to face the day.

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While the practical household task features are appealing, Knocki can also boost safety in the home. Elderly or disabled people can tap near a Knocki to send a call for help, children can use it to turn on lights if they can’t reach switches, and you can instantly set your security alarm or lock doors.

“Knocki can make a difference in anyone’s life,” say the brains behind the gizmo. “However, it can be truly life-changing for people with mobility or vision impairments who are unable to reach or visually locate a switch, button or phone.”

How does Knocki work? It uses your Wi-Fi connection to send commands you’ve programmed into the device. You can use up to 10 separate commands per Knocki, and because they use do not use sound sensors, you can have two working in the same room without interference as long as they are on separate surfaces.

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Knocki already meshes with many systems and programs you know, and that range will only expand.

“We’re constantly adding integrations with new smart home platforms, devices and software,” say the designers. “Our commitment is to make Knocki more capable over time and connected to the leading technology of tomorrow.”

You can already connect Knocki to Nest, Phillips Hue, WeMo, Smart Things, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter and Gmail, among others. Stay tuned for many more.

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While the device looks streamlined and cool, it doesn’t have to be visible to work. You can attach it behind a door, under a table, on a wall—wherever is convenient. The Knocki uses its proprietary SurfaceLink technology to give it a firm connection to a surface, and it’s able to filter out random vibrations and hone in on intentional taps. (We told you it was smart.)

Right now Knocki is on Kickstarter, and it has raised an incredible 20 times its funding goal. Backers should get their rewards in December 2016, and hopefully production will ramp up after that.