If you enjoy a nice piece of toast in the morning, you probably fall into either the margarine camp or the butter camp. And those who prefer butter know that, although it offers a superior taste experience, it’s also nearly impossible to spread on even the warmest of toast without some level of frustration and bread tearing. Leave it to the creative minds in Japan to come up with an elegant solution to this daily household problem.

The Easy Butter Grater looks a lot like the Parmesan cheese graters you see used in certain Italian restaurants to grate long strings of cheese over plates of pasta. You put a cold brick of butter into the gadget, snap the cover on, and then twist. The butter is transformed from an unspreadable brick into easily-meltable, easily-spreadable tendrils of deliciousness.

Although hard butter is most definitely a first-world problem and this gadget is in no way a necessity, it would be pretty cool to be able to easily use butter straight out of the fridge without first having to microwave it. The grater goes for ¥2,300 (around $23 US) at this Japanese website.